Big Factory Automation for your Small Shop

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Welcome to the CubeSpawn Project!

CubeSpawn is an open-source project with the mission to bring automated manufacturing to individuals and small business.


Until now, flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) has been reserved for giant manufacturing companies that can afford state of the art robotics and robotic equipment.  Based generally around Willow Garage’s open-source Robot Operating System (ROS), ROS Industrial (ROSi), Ultimaker, and other open-source technologies, CubeSpawn brings it all together and packages it up, and makes it easy to implement a real FMS.

The coolest thing about CubeSpawn is that the cubes work together to make ANYTHING…including more cubes!

We are also extremely interested in facilitating
machine level budgeting and fiscal intuitiveness,
and are working on a digital currency,
CUBECOIN, for distributed microtransactions.cubecoin